“We truly appreciate all your organizing help and tips. Our garage is so much neater now that we can easily locate an item we need. I learned so much organizing techniques and products to use to put various items in its proper place. I love the spaciousness in our garage now! Master Cruz is a true and tested professional organizer. She worked hard to address our needs, is very patient, methodical and firm to ensure the job gets done. Her ideas, suggestions and recommendations for organizing systems were very helpful. Now our garage has more space than ever before, is more organized, neat and clean to look at and I can easily locate items that I need. She makes herself available by phone or e-mail if I had questions. Master also provided organizing techniques in other areas of my house.”

– Cathy M., Consumer Loans Supervisor, Hawthorne, CA

“I am so very pleased with the work Master did for us. She came up with very creative ways to organize all areas of our home. It has been done in a very elegant and efficient way. I now feel like I live in a castle. Master made use of things I already had and strategically used them to help in the organization. I particularly liked her assertiveness as I do have a hard time of letting go of things. When I had 5 or more of one thing(nail clippers, hair brushes, toothbrushes, etc…), she would ask, “Which two would you like to keep?” I am extremely pleased with the work Master has done for the organization of our home.”

– Julia A., Elementary School Teacher

“As working parents it can be difficult to balance the time that you have each day. You get up in the morning to get ready for work and get the kids ready for school or daycare. You work your 8 hours or so, get the kids and come home. You get dinner ready, have dinner, and next thing you know it’s bed time. Weekends can be difficult too. There just never seems to be enough time for cleaning or organizing. The kids’ room was just a mess! Clothes and toys everywhere. A lot of arguing happened while getting ready because you’re stepping on a Barbie or can’t find a pair of socks. I am truly pleased with the work of Master Organizing. Each time I look in the kids’ room it just gives me warmth because its so clean and organized. It really has made a huge difference for me when getting the girls ready. For one, my 8 year old can now find her clothes and get herself ready instead of yelling, “Mommy where’s my pants!” And it only takes me 5 mins to get the two younger ones daycare bag ready because everything is in its place. Master Organizing not only organized the kids’ room, but made our lives easier and happier. No more arguing because there is an actual clean floor to walk on and a pair of socks to find. Master Organizing truly motivated us as a family to stay organized.”

– M.Gallardo

“A consultation and organization session with Master Organizing significantly improved the state of our personal closet space. Master Organizing established a system for organization of our clothes, accessories, and linens that could be easily maintained. Our session acted as an early Spring Cleaning and allowed us to FINALLY get rid of items that have been taking up space in our closets and our lives. Thank You Master Organizing!”

– Angela O.