If you were to ask me five years ago that I would complete a full Ironman triathlon, I would have thought you were crazy.  Let alone for my husband to complete two full Ironman triathlons this year. There’s a ton of communicating, planning, scheduling, and organizing involved in preparation for triathlon while working full time… Read More

Hey There! It would be awesome if we didn’t have to keep track of any papers, but unfortunately there are a few papers that we need to keep indefinitely. Here’s a list of papers that you need to keep FOREVER: Auto Titles Birth Certificates Home Improvement Receipts for Insurance Investment Statements Major Purchases Receipts (like… Read More

It’s time to get up and dance!  Luxary closets are here! I had the honor of meeting Sharon Tindell and Erin Hogue during the TCS Closets launch at The Container Store Farmer’s Market Location.  It was really fun meeting everyone that attended! (Left to right Linda Cooper Smith, Erin Hogue (Senior Buyer at The Container Store)… Read More