What Papers to Keep Safe!

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It would be awesome if we didn’t have to keep track of any papers, but unfortunately there are a few papers that we need to keep indefinitely.

Here’s a list of papers that you need to keep FOREVER:

  • Auto Titles
  • Birth Certificates
  • Home Improvement Receipts for Insurance
  • Investment Statements
  • Major Purchases Receipts (like wedding rings)
  • Medical Records
  • Marriage/Divorce Papers
  • Mortgage
  • Passports
  • Property Agreements
  • Retirement Records
  • Social Security Cards
  • Wills/Trusts

I had the opportunity to organize the family safe and found these awesome clear poly envelopes at The Container Store.  It fits perfectly and vertically in the safe for easy access.

What’s in your safe and how do you like to organize it?

Get ready for more paper organizing tips as the Online Paper Bootcamp opens up again on September 18th!

Until Next Time Be Paper Clutter Free,


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