Clutter Free Holiday Gifts

Don’t know what type of gift to get your loved ones?  How about gifting them experiences rather than physical things that can just add up to the clutter in their home.  Here are my favorite clutter free gifts for this year’s holiday season:

Women: Nail Salon, Massage/Spa or Facial Treatment Gift Certificates

Men: Case or bottle of their favorite alcoholic beverage or Haircut/Barber Gift Certificate

Young Adults: Movie Tickets or Concert Tickets, Help pay towards an experience that the youngster is currently interested in like..Ski/ Snowboarding Lesson, Swim Lesson, Guitar/Piano/Music Lesson, Basketball Camp, Ballet Class etc.

Children: Tickets or money to help them go to a Theme Park like Legoland, Savings Bonds, My Gym Class, or Lowe’s Build & Grow

Couple: Hot Air Balloon Ride, Gondola Ride, A Night at Bed and Breakfast,  Williams and Sonoma Cooking Classes

Family:  Grocery Store Gift Card, Restaurant Gift Card, Bake them some goods, Edible Arrangements, Invite them over for dinner for no special occasion, Cleaning service Gift Certificate, or Professional Organizing Service Gift Certificate =)

Unisex: Coffee Gift Card, Zumba/Dance/Marital Art Class, Personal Trainer Session, itunes Gift Card, Gas Card, Pay for a registration for a race like Ironman, Flying Trapeze Lesson, Sky Diving Session, or Car Wash Gift Certificate

And if all else fails create a coupon book specially tailored to them and have coupons for making dinner for the whole week, taking out the trash, watching the kids for a whole weekend.

Or donate to a person or family’s favorite cause like Charity Water

I’m excited to hear what your favorite clutter free gifts are, let me know in the comments below.

Stay Warm Out There,


P.S. Don’t forget to use any overstock of drawings from your child’s school artwork to use as gift wrap or even holiday cards to hold those gift certificates!

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