Do you know what’s under your kitchen or bathroom sink?  Here are some tips to help you organize the space under your sink… be it the kitchen or bathroom:

1.  Take everything out from under your kitchen or bathroom sink.

2.  Put like things together, be it lotions, soaps, or cleaning supplies.  That  way you will be able to see the quantity of something your have.

3.  Go ahead and take this time to clean/wipe down the space underneath the sink.

4.  Decide where to place like items together.  Placing items that you use less often in the back and items that you use daily in the front for easy access.

You may have more items than shown in the pictures above and if you do, I recommend considering if your really utilize all the items.  If you don’t really use all of the items that you have underneath the sink, then let some of them go by donating them, giving them to family and friends that would use them, or responsibly discarding them.  Otherwise under sink storage shelving is excellent.

Take measurements of your space to ensure that you purchase products that fit your space and style!  Cheers to under your sink organizing!