This April 22nd what are you doing for Earth Day?

EarthPhoto provided by woodleywonderworks

Don’t know? Try these 5 green organizing tips:

  1. Reuse the other side of your already used paper.  Have a container as a home for potential reusable paper.
  2. Reduce junk mail by signing up for Catalog Choice, Direct Marketing Association or Opt Out Prescreen.
  3. Recycle plastic bags at local grocery stores or better yet, cut up old t-shirts and make them into reusable bags to hold your stuff instead of taking a plastic bag from the grocery store.
  4. Have a Spring Neighborhood Yard Sale for Charity.  This green organizing tip not only raises money for charity and brings you closer to your neighbors, but you will also get rid of the unnecessary items in your home that you no longer need!
  5. Get rid of clutter by not letting it in your home in the first place and recycle what you do bring into your home.  This young couple did it for a year and is continuing to do so.   For more inspiration you can follow this couple at Green Garbage Project.  If they can do it you can too!

Don’t know where to donate or recycle consider these options:

  • Eco Atm: is the first and only company to create an automated self-serve kiosk system that uses patented, advanced machine vision, electronic diagnostics, and artificial intelligence to evaluate and buy-back used electronics directly from consumers for cash or store credit.
  • gazelle: is a reCommerce service that helps you sell and recycle your used electronics.
  • Household Hazaedous Waste/E-Waste Collection Sites in Los Angeles County
  • Earth911 is an environmental services company that addresses solutions for products’ end-of-life for both businesses and consumers.
  • freecycle is made up of 4,937 groups with 8,389,381 members around the world. It’s a grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement of people who are giving (and getting) stuff for free in their own towns.

Happy Earth Day!