DIY: File Folder for Magazines

Whether you are planning to renovate your home, purchase a home, purchase a car, host a themed party or landscape your yard, many people get visual ideas from magazines.  But where do you “make a home” for all of your visual research?  Well just create a DIY File Folder for all of those magazines that you bought for research.  In this case, this is “making a home” for  the arrival of a new baby:

1.    Gather all the magazines and look through one magazine at a time. 

2.  When you are going through the magazine, fold the pages that are of importance to you.  This saves time from having to go through the magazine again to find that article that was important to you.  I would suggest folding the page that is important to you, in and on top of itself, to remind you what side of the page to look at later on.

3.  When you are done going through the magazine, tear out the folded pages that are important to you and recycle the rest of the magazine.  Again, folding the magazine page in let’s you know that the information inside the fold is what is of importance.

4.  Gather all of your ripped pages and categorize them.  In this case the four piles are: resources, charts to use, baby shower wants, and to complete (ie., medical forms)

5.  Use clear sheet protectors and an old folder to incase these magazine pages.

6.  Don’t forget to label, especially if you are sharing your ideas with others.

Now this “home” for your magazine cut outs is a wonderful visual foundation.  You can keep adding to it if you need to and review each section at a time more convenient for you.  Instead of having tons of magazines cluttering up your home, you have a great visual summary in your file folder!

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