Is your child’s humongous dollhouse taking up too much space in your home? How about creating a 2D dollhouse for your child. This brilliant idea comes from Jenny, the amazing blogger of Dinner A Love Story.  This 2D dollhouse was built onto the kitchen cabinet doors!

Her child excitedly teared out pages from old magazines to create her dream house.  Imagine being able to change a room by just ripping it out of old magazines.  Not only creative but very green. =)

Have your child choose their favorite rooms…section the rooms with tape…and tape them onto your bottom cabinets.

It has become a very effective way for Jenny to keep an eye on her child while cooking.  According to Jenny, children create worlds “and it doesn’t matter if those worlds exist inside $250 Playmobil Victorian Dollhouses, on top of antique marquetry boxes, or on a restaurant table where the only dolls available for play are fashioned out of sugar packets. ”   Your child can get super creative with this type of dollhouse.

Last but not least, it’s super easy to put this dollhouse away.  Just close the cabinet door!