Ssshhhhh! Let me let you in on a little sercret… sercret gardening that is.  The secret is this, before planting your garden, think about the space you have available to garden.  Consider the most use of your space and natural sunlight.

My husband and I don’t have a backyard so we opted to have an indoor garden.  We specifically use the AeroGarden because our herbs can grow year round and it fits our lifestyle.  We’ve placed our garden next to the stove so that we can easily just snip away at the herbs that we want to cook with.

If you are not into AeroGarden, upside down planters are also a great option for indoor gardens.

No matter what type of garden your have, organize your gardening thoughts by answering these questions:

1.  Where would you want to plant your garden(indoor, balcony, terrace, backyard, front yard)?

2.  Is there enough sunlight or will you be using artificial light?

3 .  Consider what you could plant (for decoration..for eating…) Choose plants that will give you joy and will thrive in your environment.

4.  Will you have the patience and discipline to maintain your garden?

Lastly, don’t forget to label your plants so that you know what you are growing!