There are tons of organizing books out there telling you how you should organize your things, but sometimes if you analyze your space too much and get caught up in the “how to” you can become paralyzed by what you should do in your space rather than being efficient in your space.

AnalysisDiagram provided by Design and Technology Student

You can get caught up in all of the ..”papers have to face this way…files have to be filed daily”…or whatever organizing book you are reading is telling you to do.  Focus on what really matters… for example let’s look at maintaining your papers.  I say set up a filing system that you are interested in trying and give it  a shot.  There is nothing wrong with changing an organized system.  It doesn’t have to be set in stone.  The space you are trying to keep organized is YOUR space…tailor it to YOUR needs…tweak what ever it is in the recommended system that is holding you back.  STOP analyzing too much and enjoy life =).