Happy Elves

So your kindergartener comes home from school with their artwork in hand and you are so proud of them.  You just can’t believe what they’ve made (the creativity…the colors…the cuteness.)  Overtime, you realize that your little Van Gogh’s work is starting to clutter up your home, but you can’t find it in your heart to toss these masterpieces.  What to do…what to do?  Well here are some neato tips to artistically archive or utilize your child’s art work:

1.  Hang them on a clothes line on an assign art wall in your home.

2.  Choose your favorite pieces and create a poster.

3.  When you are done displaying your child’s work, gather them up and create an art book.

4.  Make personal cards out of your child’s masterpieces.

5.  Wrap gifts with your child’s art work.  Use them for birthdays, holiday gifts, or special events (especially gifts for grandparents, they will love it).