You’ve just bought the latest and greatest electronic device.   Like a kid with a new toy you rip through the packaging and start pressing buttons.  You have no idea what some buttons are used for, so you go through the user manual.  After a while you know your new device inside and out…so what to do with the user manual now?  Consider these questions when debating to hold on to the user manuals:

  • Do you still own the product?
  • Do you need the different langauges?  (Possibly just tear out the language that you want to keep)
  • Could you get the manual online?

User ManualsJanuary 26th Organizing Tip: After you know what manuals you need to keep you can organize your manuals in two ways:

1. Select a location to house all of you user manuals.  You could use a filing system and organize by the following categories:

  • Major appliances
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Home theater electronics
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Communication devices
  • Personal electronics

2.  Organize your user manuals based on the location of where the products are being used. For example, all kitchen appliance manuals are organized in a drawer in the kitchen.  All computer manuals are located in the office near the computer.  Home theatre system manuals located in the living room.

Maybe have a combination of  the two.  Just create a system where you will be able to find the information you may need in the future.