Have you ever had to fill out a medical form, but forgot your information?  Not to worry you are not alone.

January 20th Organizing Tip:  Here are some options for oragnizing your medical records/history so that you can easily locate and communicate to your doctors your medical information:

1. Create a Portable Medical Binder from scratch:

Grab a binder and put in the following dividers: Yellow Card (shot record), General Doctor, Optometrist, Dentist, OB/GYN, Dermatologist, Allergies, or what ever else is going on with your health right now.

Medical BinderSeparate your medical documents into the assigned labeled dividers.  Designate sections of the binder for each individual family member or create a completely separate binder just for them.

2.  Purchase Medical Binder: Jakoter is a great place to purchase a pre-made binder because a portion of every Jakoter Health Organizer sale benefits several non-profit oraganizations.

3.  Create an Electronic Medical Record Online:  get a free Google Health account and securely store all of your medical information there.

Cheers to living healthier, knowing where to locate your medical information!