January 19th Organizing Tip

Ever miss a bill payment? Lose an invitation to a party? Forgot that you had coupons to use in the grocery store or shopping mall? Can’t find the receipt to something that you need to return? Is it due to mail, coupons, papers, invitations and receipts being combined and mixed into one big pile?!  You know what I am talking about…like when you have guests coming over and so you frantically gather all your papers and try to neatly put them into one big pile.

Bumper StickerHaving one big pile works great for some people, but eventually you have to take the time to go through that big pile when you are looking for something.  Now that you have purged through your papers we need to create a system for handling paper in your office, aside from creating one big pile of papers.

January 19th Organizing Tip: Create an “in and out” system for your home office.  When you get the mail, quickly trash/recycle envelopes and all advertisements that are not of interest to you.  Don’t collect unnecessary paper!  When you bring in mail or papers into your office immediately set them in assigned folders or bins. Designate folders or bins for: bills to pay, paid bills, coupons, receipts, papers to file away…etc.

Set a day of the week to file papers or take 15 minutes of every day to file.  Communicate to family members your “in and out” paper system, so that they can help you maintain it.  Designating homes for your mail and papers will help you kick your one big pile habit.

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