January 18th Organizing Tip

Do you have a dream. . . . (in remembrance of Martin Luther King, Jr.). . .of an organized home office?  This week we will be focusing on our home office.  As seen on Al Gore’s desk, taken by TIME Magazine, papers tend to pile up over time.

Al Gore Desk

January 18th Organizing Tip:  First things first…purge through your papers.  Start on one side of your desk or room and work your way around.  Don’t skip sections!  Take a section of papers at a time and set realistic goals for conquering paper.  If it took 8 months to obtain all that paper in your home office, it will most likely take more than one weekend to go through each piece of paper.  Unless you are completely committed to just tossing everything.

Consider digitally filing and scanning your papers.   Here are excellent resources for electronic filing and scanning: www.dropbox.comwww.shoeboxed.comwww.pixily.com

I had a dream of running my own company as a free American woman and I am thankful for inspiring leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. for giving me the opportunity to live my dream.

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