1,2,3 Eyes on Me..1,2 Eyes on You

I had a wonderful time teaching Elementary and Jr. High School students the benefits of being organized in November.  This is me preparing the hands on exercise.

Yellow PencilsAdding the pencils…


Adding the markers…

CrayonsLastly adding the crayons…

Completed Set

After learning about a fictional student Drake and his disoraganizing problems with his baseball cards, clothes, homework and book bag…students loved giving their organizing solutions to Disorganized Drake to help him to become a Happy Organized Drake.

After helping Drake, the hands on exercise allowed the students to organize the items that are on each piece of paper any way that they chose, demonstrating that organizing isn’t a one way street.  You can organize by color, type of school materials and size (largest to smallest).  Some students even came up with their own way to organize, depending what each item meant to them.

Like one student thought that the pens and pencils could be used as musical instruments so he separated them from the rest of the items (he was drumming them on his desk…creative I tell ya.)

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