30 Day Get Organized Challenge Week 3

Hey Friend!

Wow, we’re about to head into Week 3 of the Get Organized Challenge! Time sure flies by when your are having fun organizing!

In case you missed the last 2 weeks worth of challenges, you can find them by clicking on the links below:

Week 1
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Do you have a new favorite area to keep organized? Do you feel less cluttered in your home? No matter where you are on this journey, I am so proud of you!

And if you haven’t been able to make the daily habit stick yet, you’re not alone. It can be hard to get started and keep it going. If you’re needing more support around organizing your space, be sure to follow and use hashtags #MasterOrganizing and #30dayGOChallenge so that we can cheer each other on. You can also share your experiences over on the Master Organizing Community Facebook Page.

Now scroll on down to get the next 7 days of the challenge…

Live Happily Clutter Free,


Day 14:  Place your favorite recipes or important papers behind kitchen cabinet doors with command hooks. This will clear up space on a cluttered fridge door!
Day 15:  Review your manuals and toss out ones you no longer need, as many of them are now online.  If you must keep manuals organize them in an accordion file.  File it under the letter of the physical object or name of the company that created the product. For example put the manual for your refrigerator under “R” or “G” for General Electric. File it under a name that you would look for it under!
Day 16:  Create a home for different sized dishes.  Use the vertical space that you have in a kitchen cabinet by using a tiered corner rack (this one was from The 99 Cent Store, but you can also find them at Target andWalmart).
Day 17:  Register your home address on dmachoice.org to stop getting junk mail.
Day 18: Create a tax folder for the New Year and put that donation receipt in there!
Day 19: Have a cluttered computer desktop? Divide your computer desktop by category, areas, and folders. Learn how to create your own personal computer screen desktop divider in this how to video.
Day 20: Unsubscribe from unwanted emails with unroll.me.