30 Day Get Organized Challenge Week 2

We are well into the 2nd Week of the 30 Day Get Organized Challenge.  In case you missed any from last week you can find Week 1 here.

Are you loving the daily organizing challenges and tips? We want to know! In the comments below tell us something you’re LOVING about the 30-day challenge so far.We’ve gotten a lot of comments from the community about how hard it is to let go of things.  David Cain says it best…Every possession is a relationship:

“Most of us own lots of things that make us feel bad. Unused gifts. Clothes that don’t fit. Supplies for hobbies you never really got into. Books you’ll never read. Plastic crap from the dollar store. When you hold a possession in your hands it becomes clear that it makes you feel something—joy, guilt, weariness, fear, very often mixed feelings—sometimes very strongly. If it’s normal to have hundreds or thousands of possessions, then we are each, at all times, bearing the weight of hundreds or thousands of these relationships. So it makes sense to very carefully consider what we keep in our homes. ”

How many relationships do you have the energy for?  Let go of the items you no longer want a relationship with.  Also here’s a resource page where people could use the items your are on the fence about. Hope that helps you in making the decisions in your home of what stays and goes.

And now… onto the next challenges! Scroll on down to get the next 6 days or organizing tips and challenges.

Live Happily Clutter Free,


Day 7:  Donate what you’ve purged from your closets. Don’t know where to donate? Check out this resource list by clicking here.
Day 8:  Place folded clothing vertically in your drawers, to create more space and to visually see all of your clothing. You may have to fold your shirts in half one more time or in thirds or fourths as seen in this videohere.

p.s. You don’t have to fold origami style, it’s just plain fun =)

Day 9:  Hang your clothing on similar types of hangers. Choose a hanger that you love to use whether it be plastic, wood, huggable…just be sure that they are all the same. This creates uniformity which is more pleasing to the eye and creates more space.
Day 10:  Place small clothing items like socks in a mesh garment bag when doing laundry that way you won’t lose pairs of anything. You can easily get bags like these at the 99 Cent Store, Dollar Store, or laundry section of any Target, Walmart or even The Container Store!
Day 11: Clean out your purse, briefcase, or gymbag and assign what items would go in what pocket of that carrier.
Day 12: Throw out expired items from your kitchen pantry and refrigerator. Some people will say that it’s still good, but believe me there is a reason that there is an expiration date. If anything, the expired items will be much less potent that when it was first bought.
Day 13: Let go of kitchen utensils that you no longer use or are always passing over. Do you really need that many serving spoons?