30 Day Get Organized Challenge Week 1

The 30 Day Get Organized Challenge is officially kicking off!  Welcome to the organizing party Friend!

I think small organizing tasks each day this January, is the perfect compliment to any promises you’re making to yourself in 2016. =)As for me, every year I find myself improving current organizing systems and creating new organizing systems (a new family member arrived back in October…I gave birth to a baby girl and her existence is wonderfully shaking things up in the household).  So I am super excited to be going on this 30 Day Get Organized Challenge journey with you!

I am also starting my running routine to hopefully qualify for the Boston Marathon in 2016.  Super excited and scared at the same time to be attempting this…eek.  Just gotta show up and do my best every day…right?!

How about you? Got any big promises ready to go in 2016? I’d love to hear about it. Click ‘reply’ to this email and let us know your goals, so we can cheer you on!

During January, be sure to follow and use hashtags #MasterOrganizing and #30dayGOChallenge so that we can keep each other accountable. You can also share your experiences over on the Master Organizing Community Facebook Page.

Now remember the 30 Day Get Organized Challenge is all about the journey and not a destination.  My wish for you in 2016 is to continue on this journey even after this challenge is over.  To your organizing success in the new year!

Live Happily Clutter Free,


Now scroll on down to get your organizing on for the first 6 days of the challenge…


Day 1:  Happy New Year!  Making your bed is a great way to start your day.  Having an open area like a well made bed, can help in organizing other spaces because now you have a clear area to assist you!

Day 2:  Snap photos of Family Holiday Cards with your smart phone & turn them into profile pictures of your cell phone contact list. Then let go and recycle those cards! Learn how in this video: Organizing Announcements and Cards

Day 3:  Update your address book from the envelopes you received this holiday season.

Day 4:  Start to put the majority of your December Holiday Decorations away. I like to cut a few branches off the Christmas tree and put them in a glass mason jar with some water to keep the winter spirit, but everything else gets repacked for next year.

Day 5: Edit/Audit/Purge through your closet. Keep only clothing that you feel AMAZING in. Imagine “shopping” in your closet. If you find yourself passing over clothing multiple times while getting dressed, those are usually the items to let go of!

Day 6: Edit/Audit/Purge through your child’s closet and toys. Just as you’ve done with your own clothing, now is the time to tackle your children’s items. When it comes to toys, let your children play with a few at a time. Store others away and if you find your child no longer looking for certain toys, time to let those go.