What is the most frustrating space in your home or workplace to organize or keep organized?

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For getting laundry done make a date with your washing machine and dryer and let the others in your household know the day as well.  Get another container and separate dark colors from light colors in the beginning when you toss your clothing to get washed. Agree to the level that you will allow your laundry basket to reach before it gets too full and overwhelming to look at.  Do batches of laundry in small doses.  For example do light colors on Tuesdays and dark colors on Thursdays.  Doing laundry in small batches makes it easier to tackle versus a huge overflowing laundry basket.  Be flexible, if doing laundry in small batches doesn’t work set aside a full day to do laundry.  Choose the method that will get you motivated to get it done.

What organizing tip are you going to use today?  Take action on it to a road to an organized life.  Tell us about it in the comments below.