Do you find yourself randomly tossing your clutter into the nearest closet, container, cabinet or room just before visiting guests arrive at your home?  Well, let’s stop that habit right now.  It’s all about first setting up a space that you love, so that you are motivated to keep it clutter free.  Besides purging your items (so that you have less items to randomly hide away), think about the design of your space.  Start by remembering how you felt as a visitor in another person’s home.  What are some things that you liked and loved about their home?   What are some things that you didn’t like about other homes you’ve visited?   Look at your own space with the same visiting eyes, as if you were visiting someone else’s home.

Photo provided by Geoffrey

Try this exercise in your disorganized or cluttered space:  Walk through and stop at the entrance of the space… Write down what comes into your view or mind first?  Is that the impression you want to give a guest or visitor of your space?  If you don’t like something, then change it or get rid of it.  You don’t have to change the design of your space in one day.  Just set something up and tweak it every once in a while.  Your space will gradually represent the best of you, you’ve just got to see it through visiting eyes.