Photo provided by Alan Cleaver

“Time is a created thing, to say you have no time means you really don’t want to.” — Lao Tzu

Even when you don’t think you have time, you really do. Even 10 minutes of organizing a day can have an impact on your space and life.  You can sneak organizing into your day anywhere:

  • waiting on hold on the telephone (filing your papers, while listening to their “hold music”)
  • waiting in your car to pick someone up from school or work (organizing your bag or briefcase)
  • waiting for your oatmeal to heat up on the stove ( purge through your fridge and toss out things that are spoiled)
  • watching your favorite show on the television (purge through your magazines during commercial breaks)
  • standing in the shower (get rid of the shower products that you are no longer using)

Every little bit of mini organizing helps in maintaining your space, you don’t have to organize your space all at once!  You could even make organizing in mini bites a game by seeing how fast you can organize something.  What are some things that you can organize throughout the day?