What about organizing your car? Well…

Car Compartment 1

January 29th Organizing Tip: Throw things out every time you get out of your car.  DON’T let items sit in your car for no apparent reason.  Just like your home, your car can accumulate things that you bring into it.  So be sure to bring things out that have no purpose of being in your car.

Car Compartment 2If you don’t like the compartments that were designed for your car, make your own.  For example, if you realistically can’t separate your coins into the coin collector that your car compartment comes with, then just place your coins in a Ziploc or coin purse.  The trunk of a car, just like the garages and basements of homes, can become a catch all/black hole.  So just like your home assign/designate where things go in you car!